What it takes to become a PPC Manager?

Is your business online yet or not? This is first question everyone asks if you are a business owner. In this era of internet, everyone is going online now. All the businesses are trying to advertise their products or services online so that the sales can be increased and PPC (pay per click) could be very helpful in this. So, if you love surfing on internet and have excellent analytics skills you could be a good PPC manager.

Who is a PPC Manager?

A PPC manager is the one who is responsible for managing the complete PPC campaign for the clients’. Their responsibility is to execute the ideas and recommend best keywords for the client’s website.

Role of a PPC Manager:

As PPC manager is the one who is responsible for running the complete campaign in the firm, he/she becomes a key player for the execution of complete advertising campaign. Hence, the PPC manager needs to be very actively in coordination with the team and should have all the information on the finger tips.

Here are few key roles that you have to play to become a successful PPC manager:

- As the day starts PPC manager should check the status of yesterday. This helps in calculating the impact of the work done on the keywords last day. If there are any changes, it becomes easier to rectify it on time.

- If you are handling high profile clients which deals in dollars than it becomes very important to check the activity of keywords on daily basis as they generate payments in hundreds of dollars.

- It is important for a PPC manager to keep track where the ads are being displayed. If he/she finds the ads are coming on the irreverent websites which will not help in generating the revenues, then immediately the ads needs to be removed from there.

- When reviewing the campaign of yesterday, the PPC manager can find new leads which might generate more revenue than old leads and put the team to work on it.

These are few things that a PPC manager should follow. In short we can wrap the whole process in three parts:

  1. Identify the problems.
  2. Estimate the resources to use in the solution of the problems.
  3. Make an ultimate decision and implement it.

If you are looking forward to become an efficient PPC Manager, check out our advanced digital marketing course for professionals.

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