6 Facebook Mistakes to Avoid

6 Facebook Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Not Posting Consistently – One big mistake brands should avoid is being inconsistent and “carefree”. They should maintain a steady flow of publishing their content; else they will lose out on user engagement. ”We are too busy to keep you updated” is the message a brand sends out to its customers by being laid back and not feeding their hungry customers from time to time!
  2. Too Many Words – Paragraph captions don’t work for posts! Users either lose interest in reading them or don’t even bother reading at all. Posts need to be short and crisp keeping in mind the call to action required from customers. A good way to keep customers interest intact is to shorten the content but at the same time convey all the necessary information required to the customer.
  3. Poor Taste of Photos – Brands tend to lose out on customer acquisition if they don’t monitor the content, particularly photos that they publish. Photos are a widely shared medium of information and brands should be careful with certain aspects of the choice of photograph, image quality and information posted. Businesses should be watchful of delicate topics like religion, caste-creed, politics, and gender equality to name a few. A poor or bad choice of photos may hurt the sentiments of the users and they may end up reporting the photo, which the brand has to eventually take down.
  4. Too Much Promotion – The core nature of businesses to use Facebook is to advertise and promote their products and services. However, brands should keep in mind not to go overboard with the posts they publish. Posts shouldn’t be too pushy and definitely shouldn’t bombard the customers for purchase. It’s a big turn off! Brands should creatively craft the content in order to garner customer’s interest without “pushing” their products on the customer’s faces. If done correctly, an automatic action of liking the page, sharing posts, commenting or purchasing the product will be initiated by the customers!
  5. Attaching Multiple Links – A big mistake brands do is attaching multiple links to a single post. Each post should include only one call-to-action to achieve one goal. The idea of one link per post is to ease customer call to action and not confuse them! If multiple links are attached to one post, customers may miss out on the important one or may not click on anyone at all due to force-feeding of too much information. In this case, the brand not only loses out on customer engagement but also on new customers.
  6. Not Responding to Comments – Praise and criticism are a part and parcel of every business! Brands usually leave out responding to negative comments fearing the backlash of bad customer experience. However, it is the brand’s duty to respond to every comment, whether it is positive or negative. A reply to positive comments shows that the brand appreciates its customer’s satisfaction with the product/service. A reply to negative comments portrays that the brand values the customer’s grievances and will improvise to avoid further disappointment that might lead to decrease in brand loyalty and spoil the brand image.

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