How To Track Your Website Visitors Through Google Analytics

How To Track Your Website Visitors Through Google Analytics

Before we start with how to track our visitors through Google Analytics let’s learn that what is Google Analytics.

So what is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

So why to use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the most popular tool you can use to measure those visitors. You shouldn't use a tool because it is popular, though. Google's tremendous cloud infrastructure allows them to rip through very large data sets rather quickly.

Campaign Optimization:

By understanding what works and what does not work, one can optimize the right activities and drop the ones that don’t work

Improving Website Usability:

By understanding how visitors see or use your website you can determine the fall down in satisfying those users.

Identifying Target Audience:

By understanding as much about your audience, you can ensure that your campaign reaches the right audience by targeting correct locations, their interests, correct devices, and languages.

Budget Allocation:

By understanding what works and what doesn’t, one can determine what the best way to invest.

So how to track your website visitors and their activities?

Session Duration: It is the average range of time your visitors are spending on your website. Generally, the longer the time they spend, the more they are engaging with your content. If your average session duration is below one minute then either your content isn’t visible to the visitors or they don’t find it interesting.

Why visitors are leaving your website: Bounce rate refers to the percentage of a session where your visitor leaves your website from the same page they entered. The reason for high bounce rate can be because the user found their required information on the first page itself or his facing difficulty with navigation or has any other issues.

Through Google Analytics, you can find the pages your visitors most frequently leave your website from any further work on them.

Compare Historic visitor data: Through google analytics, you can compare visitor activities from any date.

Location: You can keep a track of your visitor’s location to helping you with further strategizing your campaigns.

Find out what the visitors really want: Got a search box on your website? Google analytics can capture data on every single search query helping you to know what your visitors really want or are looking for.

So give your website a boost with the help of google analytics and see visitors flowing in!

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