4 Reasons - Why Keyword Research Is Important For Your Business?

 Why Keywords are Important?

A keyword, with regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a specific word or expression that portrays the substance of a Web page. Keywords are shortcuts that connect the search query to your intended information of a Web page. Keywords shape some portion of a Web page's metadata and help web search tools co-ordinate a page to a fitting inquiry.

The key to a good SEO is to optimize content on individual Web pages of your website. Using relevant keywords will bridge the gap between the customers’ demands and your ability to supply the relevant content to them.

Advantages of keyword research:

  1. Dominate First-Page Results
  2. Engaged Audience
  3. Increased Conversion
  4. Better Customer Understanding

Businesses can improve customer traffic to their website and apps, by applying the following simple but powerful steps:

  1. Know your customer- People of the Internet are using ‘keyword phrases’ when looking for specific content on search engines. Customers consider the search engine equivalent to a person to whom they are asking queries. Brands should be able to identify the mindset of their customers and invest in better keyword phrases.
  2. Relevancy of Keywords- Brands should first identify keywords that best describes the nature of their business and try to build content around those words. It is important to focus your efforts on the keywords most likely to be used by potential customers as they search the web. Avoid negative keywords i.e. keywords that are opposite to the nature of your business. For e.g. If you are an ice cream shop, avoid keywords like “ice cream recipes”, “how to make own ice cream at home’ etc.
  3. Focus on Individual Web pages-Brands should focus on their individual Web pages, rather than their overall website. Google crawls out individual Web pages, when a customer inputs their requirement in the search engine. Using relevant keywords for each page of the website will not only generate relevant traffic but also showcase your content better qualitatively.
  4. Competitor Study-Brands competitors are doing SEO too! Brands need to take into account that giant competitors function well on ‘single keywords’ than phrases. For e.g. Brands like Amazon, Zara have an already established strong brand identity and affiliation in the market. Small/ new businesses should use ‘long tail keywords’ that will suit their practice of business to gain a competitive edge in the world of SEO.

Conclusion: Brawny & brainy keyword management can lead to driving lots of traffic from Search Engines. Being up to date on market trends, customer habits, patterns & behaviour, studying competitors will help businesses formulate a better content strategy and stay at top of the race!

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