How to Use LinkedIn Video to Boost Your Performance

linkedin videos to boost your performance

In todays’ digital market place, particularly in case you're a business mentor or advisor, the quickest, simplest and best approach to win new business is by getting your face, voice and identity before potential prospects.

The optimal way of doing this online video, because it directly inaugurate the trust factors that are a basic segment of any business training or counselling relationship.

If you’re standing on the world’s biggest professional network, i.e. ‘LinkedIn’ you can exploit LinkedIn video to boost your position.

Online Video = Attention & Engagement

It's not hard to discover details that underline the adequacy, and significance, of online video. Cisco, for instance, extends that online video will represent over 80% of all buyer web activity by 2020.

It is observed that, in a day, about 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube and over 8 billion videos on Facebook.

Given this, the way that LinkedIn's at long last making video simple to post, locally, is cause for festivity in case you're searching for more leads and customers in the B2B commercial centre.

LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn's new, local video alternative empowers you to shoot and upload video substance of up to 10 minutes long, which auto play (without sound) in the LinkedIn will sustain.

You can either shoot a video on the spot and upload it, or pick a formerly recorded video from your phone's camera to upload.

You additionally get viewership insights for every video, which are like those for articles and posts you distribute on the site.

Why LinkedIn Native Video is Game Changer

Here's the reason this is such a major ordeal: As noted above, outside of an eye to eye association, nothing fabricates your image speedier, and encourages individuals become more acquainted with, as and believe you, than online video.

In case you're a business mentor or advisor, giving others the capacity to see, hear and connect with you on the enthusiastic level that sound and video gives is extremely valuable.

Not Using Video? Start Now!

In case you're not utilizing podcasts, book recordings and recordings to speak with prospects on the web, you're basically leaving open doors on the table.

With LinkedIn following in the strides of other social stages and making video less demanding to transfer and offer straightforwardly on its stage, right now is an ideal opportunity to exploit.

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