4 Steps To Find The Perfect Hashtags For Instagram


Hashtag is not a new trend but if you are new into this social media marketing field then you should get to know it. Hashtag has an important role in getting more relevant followers of same interest. Hashtags enable individuals to discover posts that are relevant as per their interest and interact with other social media users.

Hashtags help increment your online presence as they make your content visible by any individual who has an enthusiasm for your hashtag as it goes past simply your adherents. Hashtags can enable you to build a brand for your business or yourself. The greater visibility you get, the more probable you can make a bigger group of audience and a bigger crowd exponentially improves the probability of new leads for your business.

So here are the steps to find the perfect hashtags to reach the relevant audience

  1. Location specific
    It is very effective to use location specific hashtags as  people search for what one provides in the neighbourhood. For example if you have a café in Mumbai then you can use hashtags like #MumbaiCafe #CafeInMumbai To specifically get the target audience you can also try to be more specific about location like #ColabaCafe #CafeInColaba

  2. Play with words
    A same word can be used in different ways. For example florist can use hashtags like #florist #florists #floral #flowers #flowerarrangement #flowerart #floralart

  3. Words with location
    You can combine step 1 & step 2 to get more relevant and effective hashtags. Using location and words like #MumbaiFlorist #FloristInMumbai #MumbaiFlowerArtist #MumbaiFloral #MumbaiFlowerArt #MumbaiFloralArt

  4. Think from clients shoes
    Think yourself as your ideal customer and search for hashtags. When you search for hashtags in Instagram, it auto suggests them for you. Decide one or two hashtags and build your hashtag list through the available suggestion.

This way find the best hashtags to attract your customers.

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