Why Should I Pursue My Career in the Digital Marketing Industry?


Now days you must be hearing very often that digital marketing skills are very high in demand. The job market is at its boom and all the brands are putting all their concentration on their online promotions. If you are looking to change your career to digital marketing then here are some points which may help you in taking correct decision for your career.

Become an In-Demand Professional

It has been estimated that there will be around 1, 50,000 digital jobs by 2020 and less professional are available. So, you are gearing up for the career which has more demand and less supply which is a best move.

As the recession comes the graduates get plunged into a world of uncertainty, job shortage and all around awfulness. In such scenario isn’t it a great practice to develop new sets of skills that could future proof your career, increase your job safety and even boost your career development? In this way you will gain back your confidence again which you lost while recession. Take control over your career by developing digital skills in you.
Most in-demand digital skills

Now when it is decided that you are starting your career in digital marketing, the main question arises is where to start from. Here we have covered all the in-demand digital skill which you must be aware of:
1. SEO
In a study by Smart Insights, it is found that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most in-demand skills since 2015. Google has owned now 60% of the desktop searches and even bigger portion with the mobile searches. SEO goes hand in hand with becoming (or trying to become) a Google expert, which is not as simple as it sounds when you understand exactly the amount Google is continually advancing.

2. Analytical Insights
This is the skill which goes hand in hand with SEO. While doing SEO it is very important to understand the analytics and its measurable data. This will give you an idea about your SEO practice, from where you are getting good traffic and what all changes are required in your SEO practice the complete analytics data helps in creating the SEO strategy for your campaigns.

3. PPC
PPC is pay per click advertising which is to be done by PPC expert. PPC requires great skills and potentials in diverting targeted traffic on the website and increasing conversions. PPC requires special skills sets like you must be good in understanding the market, analysis of competitors, mathematics, calculations everything. You need to drive the right audience to a website for optimal conversions at the lowest possible cost.

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4. Content Writing
Content writing is another very important skill set in digital marketing. The person must have good understating of the subject, writing skills, seo knowledge etc. It is not an easy task as it looks like. The content written by the content writer should be seo friendly.

The beauty of a career within this industry is that it is ever-changing and you will NEVER stop learning. Hence, it is important to choose best digital marketing institue. At Digible, we will help you in making your dreams come true. We provide Industry-oriented digital marketing courses in Thane for working professionals, senior executives, business owners, aspiring trainers as well as for freshers!

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