Are these website SEO errors affecting your site ranking?


Are you doing SEO submissions but still not getting the good results? Then you have to worry about this because sometimes the minor changes or several errors get unnoticed while doing other most important things but those minor things can affect your ranking. Because for Google these minor things or errors matters a lot while ranking a particular site.

Now I am going to show you some of those errors that you might have forgotten to resolve.

Not using Google tools – If you are not using Google tools for tracking the website status then you must do it. Cause these tools likes Google analytics & Google webmaster will tell you how your website is doing in search engine. These are free tools & it’s very easy to add account and get your website verified. It will show you the monthly traffic to your website and also give the errors and server problems if any. It will show you insights regarding how people are interacting with your website.

Using Low quality or copied content – Content is the most important thing for your website. If you have put copied or low quality content then you have to get alert cause Google came up with algorithm called penguin to check such things.  Because of that Google can easily detect copied content and so that your website can go in blacklist. So to avoid that check the content in plagiarism checker and remove copied content and add unique content so that it will help you to rank your website in search engine.

Using wrong keywords – Wrong keywords means the keywords which are no one searching for. If you are using such keywords then it is biggest error while doing SEO submissions. For that first of all you have to do keyword research as per you’re your website is for & you have to use those keywords while writing blogs on your website and in meta title, meta descriptions and while doing SEO submissions too. Cause because of these keyword search engine can find you and you can get more visitors to your website.
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