Wanna know how to effectively use keywords – Here are 5 simple ways to do this!

Search engines are the biggest source of traffic to your website. You can boost the traffic by search engine optimization.  But if you using keywords to optimize your website only for search then you are missing a large number of audience. Keywords are to be used strategically for a successful marketing strategy.

Here are 5 simple ways to effectively use keywords:

1. Webpage optimization
It is the basic and most important way of using keywords. Following are the places where your target keyword phrase should be present

  • Title tag of your page.
  • Meta description of your page. It will get bolded when someone sees your webpage in search results for that keyword.
  • Filename of image and ALT text.
  • First paragraph on the page.
  • A few places throughout the content of the page in a natural way.Optimization of social media profile


2. Optimization of social media profile

If you want to create a strong brand or business then you have to decide a keyword phrase that sums up your core offering. Use those keywords or phrases in the following way.

  • In your Twitter bio.
  • The "Category," "Short Description," and "Long Description," of Facebook page
  • In your Pinterest profile's "About You" box.
  • Instagram bio
  • Professional headline, current job title, summary, skills, and other applicable sections throughout your LinkedIn profile.
  • Company description, company specialties, and company industry in your LinkedIn company page.
  • tagline, introduction, occupation, and skills of Google+ profile.
  • Introduction (story) and category (if possible) of Google+ page.


3. Social media posts

Social media updates themselves can be optimized with keywords. Within each respective network the social search will be benefited, it never hurts to think about keyword optimization so your social updates can be found on Google search.


4. Guest Post

Guest posting with high-quality content gains more exposure with your target. With this in mind, you don't want to use keywords for an over-optimized anchor text link in your author bio. Rather, you'll want to use keywords to find the best opportunities for guest posting. 


5. Directory Listing
Instead of listing in random directory submission sites try this method. Search for your target keyword or phrase on Google and check which local directory appears on the search result page. These directories should be targeted for your listing. So this way you know the niche directory to submit, or a specific category in general directory.

These aren't the only uses for keywords, but they will help you start thinking of more ways you can utilize your target phrases beyond standard webpage SEO. 

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