5 Reasons why internal links are your SEO strategy’s lifeline!

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Before knowing how internal links can help in improving the SEO of your website, it is important to understand what internal links are.

What are Internal Links?

Internal link is defined as hyperlinking one keyword that points to some another page of the same domain.

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The concept it basically used for various reasons:

  1. To increase the navigation of the website and helps in creating proper site structure. This helps in maintaining the information hierarchy by linking one page to another which makes the website more search optimized.
  2. Another advantage is spreading the link juice. By internal linking you an easily spread the link juice throughout the website.
  3. Internal linking increases visitors’ engagements on the website. People spend more time on reading the content linked to one another and hence, you can see dramatic decrease in the bounce rate of your website.

5 Directives of Internal Linking for SEO

  1. Content: For applying internal linking on the website, first it is important to have inner pages which can be internally linked with each other. To have more inner pages you must be having killer content marketing strategy with you. Creating more informative content based inner pages will help in making internal linking easier. You will have lots of real content to connect with each other. Writing a blog on the website is the best idea for increasing internal linking. You can connect all the content with each other.
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  2. Anchor Text: Anchor text plays a very important role when you hyperlink it with some other link. The text should be relevant to the link you are hyperlinking with. It should relate with each other plus the text itself should be so interesting that it attracts the reader to click and open it. Just use natural text, no cute techniques or overthinking is required in it.
  3. Deep Linking: The deeper your links go, the better. Many times I found that people mostly link their content to either “homepage” of the website or “contact us” page. They use the common line like “for more information call us or contact us” and link the same with contact us page. This is something you should strictly avoid. Do not link with these pages unless it is actually necessary as they are already linked in the top navigation of the website. You should link to the pages which actually describes the text and contains the information related to it.
  4. Use Follow Links: If you are linking with the same domain then it is important to make the links follow. If you use rel’”nofollow” for the internal linking, it will be of no use. Let the link juice pass freely to and from all the internal pages of the website.
  5. Number of Internal Links on a Page: Avoid doing link spam by putting lots of links on the same page. There must be some reasonable number of links to be kept on a page. But if you will ask what is the number, then not even Matt Cutts can provide you with the correct answer. So, do it smartly!
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