Tips for When Should you Post on Facebook

Have you ever think about how to get maximum engagement on your social media posts. In Social Media, time is everything and an audience is our god. All it depends upon to whom we are targeting.

Two Approaches When to Post:

When your content tells you: Your own data is always best when we do marketing. On Facebook, lots of data is available for every page owners and admin. You have to understand your audience on Facebook and plus your content performance.

Relevancy according to time: Depending upon the relevancy of the time, at some moments content works best. For example Sports Channel, it creates interaction when scores changes.

Similarly, it works for your business, Share your content when any new product launch after its announcements.

Facebook Insights

How Facebook Insights helps you to discover the best time to post? First, go to your Insight Page. Once you reached there, you will find the data related to your post.You can check its details on the left side column menu. It will give you the breakdown of time and days of your fan when they were most active.

What can we interpret from this Report?

According to the chart, we have to find out the best time. When fans were engaged more time. What time was it, how many were there? Which day was it? All these things we have to note down.

Up to now, we were checking only peak time, we should try another experiment with off-peak times.

Reach and Engagements:

For every post, you share on Facebook, Insights records its reach and engagements. Check your Page Insights, click Posts and below the graph showing times your fans are online, you’ll see ‘All Posts Published’.
‘Published’ column is the place where you can find the date and time when each post was published to your Facebook Page. With this information, you can check what is trending. For example, which published post was most interacting, at what time, gives you reach and engagements.

Also, there are some other tools which test and track your page’s reach and engagements such as Buffer’s Optimal Scheduling tool and Hootsuite Analytics.
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