All you need to know about Google’s New Mobile Index

The majority of searches on Google is done on mobile devices. With more and more searches on mobile, Google has started using the mobile version as their primary search engine index. Recently, Google has changed its focus to mobile users, who have already outpaced desktop users around the world. Instead of merely factoring in a site’s mobile responsiveness in its overall page ranking, Google has announced that it will create a mobile first index specifically for these users. Already, marketers are struggling to calculate out what this will entail for their sites and their support.

In other words, Google is now primarily crawling the web from a mobile browser view.

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What is Mobile and Indexing?

As more and more searches happen on mobile phones or tablets in this digital world, mobile searches have been on the ascent. In fact, mobile searches have now surpassed desktop searches in numbers. Google wants its index and results to represent the majority of their users. Who are mobile users? Accessing the internet via smartphones and tablets has skyrocketed in the past few years to overtake desktop. To determine what pages to shows users when they search, Google crawls websites to collect information about what they offer overall and what individual pages offer specifically. Crawling also gives Google information about the “rules” on your site, such as what pages should be blocked, what links should be followed or not, and so on.

Google then sorts the data and stores it in its database in a process called indexing. The search engine also gets a copy of pages in a useable format for its algorithm. Since Google only delivers a desktop index, it looks at relevant results when a mobile user searches for something. It then determines if there are any mobile signals from that situation and may adapt the answers accordingly.

Google desires to prevent these issues by defining what capacity is relevant to mobile users simply and then indexing and ranking sites accordingly. That is precisely what this new index is entirely more or less.

How it may Affect Sites?

Foremost of all it’s all depend on what sort of website you have. It can be a situation that is responsive to indicate up on mobile devices correctly or it may hold a dedicated mobile and desktop site, or it may not suffer a mobile website at all. If your site is responsive design ensures that users can see and interact with your website from devices with different screen sizes such as mobile or tablet. Hence website adjusts depending on the size of the screen, it is being viewed from. For brands that use a responsive site design, pretty much nothing will convert with the mobile index.

Some experts hypothesize that different stress on certain tabbed content or drop-down menus may affect ranking, but no other modifications are required. Optimizing your website for devices such as phones and tablets is important whether it is a responsive website or separate from your desktop website. The website which is just having their content exclusively on the desktop they have to make certain that all their content is also viewed for mobile users. As Google will simply crawl the mobile site for the new index, so if some content is only on the desktop site, it won’t be picked up in the raw index.

If you don’t possess a mobile site, what you need to do is build your site is responsive. Google has stated that it will look at the mobile variant of your website. If that has less content on the page than the desktop version of page the search engine will still crawl the desktop site to rank in the mobile index. Sites that are not designed specifically for mobile users won’t rank as well, but they won’t be left out in the cold. This is easy enough with the help of a web developer or a new WordPress template. You can get the opportunity to make your site a bit of a design overhaul and attract close to new readers. Your website will look nicer Optimize the images on your web site. Smaller size images load quicker and yet attain the same impact if downsized correctly.

Get ready for mobile and make your whole site better in the process.

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