What is online PR?

 PR Definition :

PR is what you do, what you say, and what people say about you which reflects in your reputation. It is the effort to maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics.

Advantages PR:

  • The most economical way of reaching large audiences
  • It helps in awareness for your company products or services
  • It also helps to develop a strong image for your firm
  • It provides an advantage over competitors who do not use public relations effectively

Disadvantages PR:

  • It is hard to measure success as it requires a publicist.
  • It also needs appropriate media for brand awareness
  • It can result in an inaccurate messages.

Online Public Relation

Online public relations is a form of PR that takes place through social media channels. A digital PR’s goal is to build links on relevant, high authority publications. It also aims to enhance the client’s reputation and increase brand awareness. 

What is Digital PR?

  • Publish articles and gain the subsequent backlinks
  • Press hits & online press releases
  • Influencer marketing
  • social media shout outs
  • To create a network with journalists, bloggers & content writers.


Digital PR Vs. Traditional PR

Traditional PR involves networking with journalists to get featured in print publications. As their goal was to get their clients included in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. But now, most people have shifted their focus to digital PR – as it includes higher viewership on online content than offline.

Nowadays there are many possible avenues available to promote a business. Digital PR helps to increasing your online presence and using social media it also helps for further growth and recognition.

Benefits of online PR

  • It helps to expose your brand to more people within your target market.
  • You can reach more people through social sharing which enhances your credibility.
  • It can also lead to improving your search engine rankings
  • It increases traffic to your website which increases sales.


Digital PR Tactics & Ideas

Relationship Building

You need to build networking with the right people like link creators, content marketing managers, digital influencers and freelance journalists.

Media List Building

Good media lists are created with site credibility, overlap, and authority in mind.


Monitoring unlinked mentions, HARO, and social mentions are beginner tactics. Competitor mentions, misspellings, reverse image search, and Q&A Sites are advanced tactics.


Social media ads and email campaigns can play a vital role in a campaign.


Directories and profiles are part of submissions.


Twitter, Linkdin, and Instagram are primary social platforms. Pinterest and Facebook are good for PR. But Scoop.it, Quora, and Reddit are also helping to increase traffic.


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