Blogging is an self creative and inexpensive way for small businesses or startups to put their first step forward in front of large audience and attrack their attention towards your content. The aim of blogging is to create an opportunity to connect with the existing and potential customers out there in a different.


Well, a Search Engine Algorithm is a complex algorithm used by search engine such Google, Yahoo and Bing to gain a web page significance. According to the research, there are over 1,50,000,000 active websites internet. Whereas without search engine there is no way to determine the site most worthy for viewers.


Although search algorithm is the most old, convient and brief explaining yet, we could see a mob of people attracting towards blogging.  A whole lot of people not only depends upon a  single website on search engine to receive imformation but access to every social media platform is open out there now. Bloggers share each new blog post across all the social media networks, including Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. Due to this the audience got scatered on every social medial handle. Blogging allows to share information about the business and its services, a brand and its advantages as well as to share one’s opinion and thoughts on a respective topics. Apart from this blogging has its own benefits such as


  1. . Gain insight from audience :- Blog analytics help to gauge what an audience is intrested in. Track post by site, shares, time on each page, comments , popular subjects, and click-throughs.

      2. Make wise investment :- Blog cost effective marketing strategies. The ROL of  content marketing is three times higher than the paid search. As each blog created by the bloggers is their own long term asset to use over and over on social media platforms.

      3. Grows Credibility :- Talking about business, the benefits of blogging are undeniable. B2B companies with a blog report generate 60 percent more leads per month.

Blogging is a foreign concept and its been world popular now. It comes in forms of Bussiness blogging, Fashion blogging, Food blogging, Travell Blogging and many more. Some do it as  passion while on the other hand some are the professionals. It goes beyond the advancing one’s online presence, it can be a little something that nudges you a few steps ahead of your current standing, like a propeller moving you in the direction of your choice.


Blogging do stand out on social media because no two individuals are alike and each us bring a sense of uniqueness and wonder into the world.  The only aim of blogging is to come out of a box  and  discover your purpose to its fullest.


              Talking about business blogging, Research shows blogging increases inbound links by about 90 percent, the most impoetan factor in GOOGLE RANKING ALGORITHM.  As google gives high priority to site that create high content that relevents to he audience.


             Thus,  blogging and attravtive way to put your thoughts in an creative manner which can attracks respective audience and generates traffic.





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