5 Pitfalls of Influencer Marketing.

In the era of social Media Marketing, a whole lot of brands do invest their time and money on Influencer Marketing. Some brands do conduct their Influencer Marketing Campaigns which creats brand awareness among the influncers who reach a throng of people out there on social media. The result shows that influencer marketing is worth the efforts.




As it is is one of the most sustainable method to build brand awareness however there is a dark side of influencer marketing. It is not an off the self method and takes time to set up. The company has to do a lot of research and find the influencer that suits the brands, prepare terms and conditions of the cooperation, approve the content that an influencer prepares, educate the influencer regarding the brand with a view of he/she can carry out the same in front of an active audiance and measure the result of the company. If one wants to acquire the benefits of influencer marketing should consider all the above measures. As the process is time consuming some brands still believe in traditional marketing process.




Influencer Marketing campaign might do wonders to some brands but some might also fail. A company can do a great research, have great content, neglect social media crises, have bunch of followers and a popular face as a influencer but still won’t see the desired result. Meanwhile, the competitors could invest in other marketing strategies which might work. This creats a huge drawback for the existing brand. To avoid such situation the company always diversify the marketing efforts between influencer marketing and content or community management.




If anyone has turned into the influerncer marketing world ,chances are they can hear about the increasing demand of the influencers. Some may charge the way high than the actual rate for the only reason of the number of followers on their social media handles.

It might not benefits the brand or the Industry because certain accounts on social media have skyrockketed to influencer status by purchasing fake followers, rather than generating real audiences over time. These account have no innfluence over the followers and hence no desired result is generated. This definitely generates loss for a brand as a company pays a high amount on influrncer marketing and gains nothing in return.



        Its not a surprise to learn that its all about their followers, Engagement is just as important as the followers. Engagement is a score that combines an influencer’s number of like, shares, views and comments on their post. The company who fails to give a view on this note does not create a good brand image and experience downfall in the profit bar. One should always think about the engagement as a percentage of the influencer’s audience that actually interacts with their content, rather than simply following them or scrolling by their content. Some who has 500,000 followers but has a very low engagement rate wont be as impactful as someone with 200,000 followers with a very high engagement rate.




The best part what makes the influencers a well influential, is their own, different, genuine and authentic nature. The one who is allowed to get inspired by other influencers on social media but does not copy or recreate their content. The influencers are always known for their uniqueness and creativity which comes from within. The audience do get attrack to the content which as never been shown upon any social media platforms by any influencer. If consumers find out that the social media personality performs imitated, boaring and no such self-creativity work them it generate untrustworthyness in the minds of consumers. This also reflects on brand and thus brand has no reach.


            Sum of all, the brand industries need to be extremely sorted and smart enough when it comes to Influencer Marketing. Unfortunetly not everything is coming up roses when it comes to marketing. There are some drawbacks and one should be aware of them. This will help in preparing for many obstacles on the way for a successful influencer marketing.


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