Steps to create successful Facebook Messenger ads.

Steps to create successful Facebook Messenger ads.


Any type of ad is just an ad until it becomes a two way conversation, so is Facebook Messenger Ad.

According to statistics, Facebook Messenger is one of the top applications in the world which has maximum number of downloads. It has up to 1.3 billion users every month while only 31% of businesses are making use of it.

So, to have the edge over other businesses, it is always advisable to use Facebook Messenger Ads. There are two type of Messenger ads:

  1. Click-to-Messenger: These are the traditional ads that show up on Facebook newsfeed. But the catch is, on clicking the call-to-action button, you can start a conversation with the brand on Facebook Messenger.

These ads can be used to

  • acquire leads and customers
  • transact sales
  • answer questions or provide support
  • start a conversation (which means you’ll be able to use sponsored messages in the future)
  1. Sponsored Messages: A sponsored message is an actual message which shows up in the people’s Messenger inbox who have already had a conversation with your brand. This is the reason why Facebook Messenger ads sounds more appealing & effective.

A sponsored message can be in the form of an image, video, carousel or dynamic ad. Often, brands use these kind of ad to make an announcement, give an offer or a message that calls for an immediate action.

These kind of ads can be used to

  • Re-engage with people who have reached out to you before.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Keep the loyal customers engaged with the brand.


Since we have differentiated between the two, let us know the steps to create successful Facebook Messenger Ad.

  1. Create a Campaign:

Before creating a campaign, make sure that you have a Facebook Business Page. Alternately, you can use Business Manager.


  1. Choose your marketing objective:

If you are creating a click-to-messenger ad, you can choose ‘Traffic’ or ‘Conversion’ as your objective. Best practices for Facebook recommend selecting  ‘Messages’ as the marketing objective for any of the above mentioned type of ad. This allows Facebook to automatically serve your ad to only those people who are more likely to message you.


  1. Name your campaign:

Give your campaign a catchy name to identify & track it later. This is also the step where you can choose if you would like to A/B test your Facebook Messenger Ads and if you are going to optimize your budget which is always useful if you are using multiple ad sets.


  1. Choose your ad type:

This is a big choice to make. You need to select the type of ad you want; either click-to-messenger ad or sponsored messages. If you select sponsored messages, you need to select the Page from where your message will come since people like to know who they are talking to.

You can also use the popularity of Facebook’s other messaging app, WhatsApp and have people directly contact you there. This choice will depend on your audience demographics- where do they live & which app do they prefer!


  1. Set your target audience:

Here, you can either create a new audience or put the custom audience to good use.

If you are creating a new one, simply select your ideal audiences’ location, age, gender and interests. You can adjust to target user behaviour as well. If you are in the process of setting Facebook Messenger bot, you can use custom logging-in app events to  get even more familiar with your audience. For example, you can target people who have chatted with your page or clicked on call-to-action in messenger before.


  1. Select the Places where your ad will be displayed:

Sponsored messages will directly show up in your target audiences’ inbox while the click-to-messenger ads will show up on Facebook & Instagram feed as well as home screen of messenger inboxes.

You can either allow Facebook to automatically choose where your ads will be placed or if you want to reduce the number of people seeing your ads, you can de-select devices & locations.


  1. Specify your budget & schedule for the ad:

In this step, you decide how much you are willing to pay & how long will your ad run. Both sponsored messages & click-to messenger ads are charged per impression. Thus one thing that we need to keep in my mind is, narrower the audience, the more expensive they are to reach.


  1. Set up your ad:

This is the very crucial part. Remember your ad has to be catchy & impressive.

Best practices for any sponsored message is-

  • Include an image which well describes your offer, product etc.
  • Use personalization, because people love personalized messages & it gives them sense of belongingness with the brand.
  • Set up some auto replies for the questions that you think will be asked most likely.

Best practices for click-to-messenger ads-

  • Select the best suited call-to-action button (Send message, Learn more, Contact us etc).
  • Include an image or a descriptive video.
  • Do not forget to preview your ad across all platforms to make sure your ad looks amazing.

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