Mobile Marketing Trends of 2019

Mobile Marketing Trends of 2019 

For the last decade, the mobile industry has been focusing on user acquisition. Despite an increase in the smartphone saturation rates, the focus of the industry is gradually shifting towards retention. Retention and long-term relationships depend heavily on user engagement, these trends will lead the mobile market into its next evolution phase:

  • Increased focus on user loyalty

The expenses on user acquisition have grown exponentially since smartphones have emerged. Consumer durables have been highly invested in user acquisition from the beginning. In the last few years, brands have significantly increased their footprint on the mobile interface as well, contributing to mobile ad spend. The mobile market has matured in the last few years. User Acquisition budgets are still increasing, so is the competition and the cost of acquiring users. User LTV (Lifetime Value) which is the main success KPI, depends on retention. Naturally, the longer a customer uses the app, the better the chances of monetizing him or her. Furthermore, users who develop long-term relationships with services tend to act as brand evangelists, bringing more users and causing value addition.

Hence, the hyper-focus on acquiring users is over. Instead, retaining users is becoming the most important KPI.


  • The rise of mobile CRM

The CRM space is still untapped when it comes to mobile apps. Though brands are already using Mobile Engagement Platforms, most mobile products are still ignorant of the influence that effective communication has on customer engagement and revenue.

Communication with mobile users takes several forms like email, push notifications, SMS and in-app messaging. It is imperative to effectively optimize these channels. More top chart apps will use their own dedicated, in-house tools to optimize mobile engagement and create a meaningful relationship with their mobile users. A very low percentage of apps have incorporated a CRM system to effectively manage user relationships. 
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  •  The shift to personalized marketing

‘Personalization’ has been a buzzword in the digital era. Personalization tools have popped up only recently. It allows a product and it's communication channels to adapt to each user.  

To attain that level of personalization, the companies will have to collect and process real-world user data. This investment will lead to a drastic and positive improvement of users’ engagement and retention. Apps will be able to achieve one-to-one communication with users and hence adapt their services to each and every user and their real-world

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