8 Practical Tips for Using Facebook Ads for E-commerce

8 Practical Tips for Using Facebook Ads for E-commerce


Facebook is the largest social media network. It is the best place to run your business advertisements. It helps you to show your advertisements to a particular audience. Targeting audience help in growth of your business. Not running ads on Facebook now means that you are missing lot of opportunities to make money. So here are some tips to help you run ads on Facebook and grow your business.

  1. Multi-Product Advertisements

Multi-Product Advertisements are very useful. It allow you to showcase different products at the same time. It helps to show various features of products and more likely for a customer to click on link as there are multiple products. It gives more options for customers. This ads really work and is more efficient as compared with other types.

  1. Conversion Tracking Pixel

A Conversion Tracking Pixel is a code that is used for tracking the behavior of those who visit your site. It helps to keep track on consumer behavior and amount of conversions you receive from advertising campaign. Placing Conversion Tracking Pixel on the checkout page helps to keep track on customer activity after clicking on your ads. In this way you can measure your ROI more accurately.

  1. Video Advertisements

Video advertisements play an important role in business. They are lot more engaged in general. Also they are not as dull as other media types. People like to watch video rather than just look at a picture. Statistics says than people end up watching more videos daily on the platform. As the videos on the Facebook plays instantly when user scrolls it catches attention of the user. You should be creative with your videos and with correct format as it show best features of your product.

  1. Retargeting Campaigns

If you are running business from a long time you must know about the retargeting ads. You may be aware that people fills their shopping cart with the products they are interested in but they do not buy all or they forget about it totally. Retargeting Campaigns helps you to make people aware about the products they had fill in the cart. It takes a lot time to convince new people but it is easier to convince the people who have already shown interest in the product. This ads can help to get the customer back by keeping discounts, coupons, lucky gifts, etc.

  1. Boost a Past Post

Boosting a past post helps to reach more people who have not seen the pot in past and also the people who have seen the post in past. This can be a way to use Facebook ads for ecommerce successfully. This help the post who have proven it effectiveness in past and get out there again. This feature has a guaranteed results.

  1. Discount

Discounts plays an import role in business. It attracts customers and also those customers who are not actually interested in the product. People buy the product just because of high discount on the product even though they are not interested in the product. It you want to launch new product you can launch it with discounts to gain consumer attention. You can also make advertisements highlighting discounts specifically. You should make sure that discount you are offering does not leads to loss of your business in future.

  1. Improves Brand Identity

Building brand identity in essential. Good brand identity bring brand loyalty too. Once you have built, a solid identity for your brand, people will instantly recognize it. You must be careful while creating the brand loyalty as it can backfire. You should have a good graphic designer. You do not have one immediately hire it. Using post to show your audience what your brand is will help you a lot by building a connection with your brand without seeming forced.

  1. Creative and informative posts

You should use some different post other than your selling post. People tend to stay away from the brand if there are same type of post all over the internet. Posting different post like day post or informative post can keep customer engage with your brand. This post help to build brand identity and also create brand awareness. You can make event post, event has a real connection with the nature of your business.

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