Quizzes in Facebook Lead Ads and How to Use Them

Quizzes in Facebook Lead Ads and How to Use Them

You rely on Facebook for getting that social promotion. You start out organically and naturally branch out to Facebook ads. More precisely, Facebook Lead Ads. Have you always wondered how to bring more engagement than you intend to use Facebook Lead Ads? Have you heard of adding a quiz? This article will help to add a social media quiz to your Facebook Ads. Before that let’s know why you should use a quiz in your Facebook Lead Ads.

Facebook Lead Ads enable you to run lead-based campaigns on the Facebook platform itself and makes it easy for you to capture leads. They work well because they generally don’t require you to fill out too much information which can be a tedious task on mobile devices. Users just have to tap on your ad and a pre-populated form with their Facebook contact information pops up.

Steps for using online quizzes in your Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns:

Step 1: Set up a Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

First, start with launching a Facebook Lead Generation campaign.  Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and set up a campaign and when you are asked for a campaign objective, just select the Lead Generation option. Then enter the name of the campaign, save it and move to the Ad set level.

Step 2: Set up Audience Targeting

Most of the success of your Facebook Lead Campaign is dependent upon how well you target the right audience for your quiz. If possible, try to use your saved audience. This would mean you already have an idea of your audience. Facebook Ads Manager will give you options for both targeting and detailed targeting. You also have an option to use a custom or a lookalike audience. Be precise while choosing the locations you want to target and the audience size. Once you are there, just click on ‘Create Audience’.

Step 3: Finalize placements & budget for your Lead Ads

Placements refer to the places that you want your ads to be displayed. If you decide to go with Automatic Placements, Facebook will optimize your ad placements on its own and there’s no guarantee that your ads will be seen. So it is advisable to always ‘Edit Placements’. Then choose your budget and set your schedule. When you are done click on ‘Continue’.

Step 4: Create Lead Form for your Quiz

The final step is to create the lead form for your quiz. Quizzes for Facebook Lead Ads are different than simply promoting quizzes using other forms of Facebook Lead Ads. The major difference is that for a lead ad quiz, you create a form with all of your questions directly through Facebook.

Start with ‘New Form’ button and proceed by selecting the ‘Form Type Section’. Next, choose a headline, image and a layout for your form. With that, you are ready to add your questions. You can proceed with selecting the information that you want to capture. It is advisable to ask for names and email ID’s so you can create an email list and use it to target them. Click on the ‘Add Custom Question option’ and go for ‘Multiple Choice Questions’ type of format as it needs minimal typing from your users. Then type your question and enter answer options. Add as many questions as you like and keep them relevant. Don’t make it too long. You can even customize your screen that you want your audience to see and inform your audience that they will get the results in their emails. Then Finish or Save, just in case you want to come back again. Once you are done just Click on the ‘Confirm’ button and you have successfully added a quiz to your Lead Ads.

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In conclusion, here are a few advantages of using Quizzes in your Facebook Lead Generation campaigns:

  1. They’re underutilized as a marketing tactic and hence carry less competition.
  2. They are very interactive so active engagement will be more.

3. They have a viral quality to them. They have higher chances of getting shared by your audiences than any other form of content.

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