6 Free Tools to get the best Keywords for your Website

6 Free Tools to get the best Keywords for your Website

When it comes to SEO, keyword research is an essential step towards a successful SEO strategy. And there are many keyword research tools available on the web. Some are paid and some come with limited functionality. However, the list of tools listed below for keyword research tools are completely free and come with their own bag of benefits. So, let’s dive in.

  1. Google Ads: Keyword Planner

The most obvious choice for the top spot is this free keyword tool has been a favorite for many years. Not only is the Google Keyword Planner a great choice when starting a new site, but it can also be your best friend as you grow and produce more and more content. The primary benefit of this tool is easy to see: you are able to pull all the information directly from Google, which is the search engine you are most likely to target when optimizing your website. Along with the keyword list, you’ll also find average monthly searches, competitions and suggested bid (useful if you’re using Google Ads).

  1. Keyword Shitter

Despite of the vulgar name, this tool gives a great keyword suggest to your seed keywords. Enter a “seed” keyword and hit “Sh!t keywords!” It will then start doing its work by keyword suggesting. This tool then generate a lot of keyword suggestions. This tool is worked by mining Google Autocomplete. Because of this function, it is quite basic. It doesn’t show search volumes data or trends data, nor does it group keywords in any way (as Google Keyword Planner does). But it does have one other important feature: positive and negative filters. You can narrow down the results by applying positive or negative filters.

  1. Google Correlate

As noted above, there is nothing better than getting advice directly from the source. And, once again, Google is the source we are talking about. Google Correlate is many a times, an overlooked tool that can be extremely powerful for generating a large keyword list. The primary reason to use this Google tool is the ability to see which keywords get searched together. And with this information, you can begin to grow your keyword list especially long tails.

  1. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that collects data from over 16 of the most popular keyword tools, including Moz, Ubersuggest, Answer the Public, Google Search, Google Analytics, and Search Console and others. When you enter any search query into Google, Keywords Everywhere will show you some basic but useful information, including Google keyword search volume and cost-per-click (CPC) data. Although Keywords Everywhere collates data from many multiple sources, they make it easy for you to get the data you want. You can download data in PDF, Excel, or CSV file format.

  1. Ubersuggest

This tool has the ability to provide you with the all of the keywords and data that you need to make informed decisions. Ubersuggest will provides you with keywords that are not available through the Google Keyword Planner. Type in your keyword to this keyword tool and click “suggest.” This will generate a whole list of keywords that is big enough to keep you busy for quite some time. The thing best about Ubersuggest is the way that it breaks down results in the letter. For example, a search for the phrase “content marketing” and letter ‘a’ shows in perfect order and With this organized way, you have a better chance of reviewing every keywords, without missing one that could be a game changer for your website
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      6.  Google Trends

Google Trends visualizes how search trends change over time. Enter a target keyword, and you will see the relative popularity of that search query over the past 12 months. Google Trends uses the graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time. Google Trends provide very essential data for keyword research. You can see what, where and when people are searching for a particular topic.  If you are an SEO blogger, want to rank for keyword “seo keyword research”, with this tool you can see the search volume, interest of that keyword over time, related queries and popularity of that keyword over time.

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