5 Ways to Improve Organic Video Results

5 Ways to Improve Organic Video Results

If you talk about content then it is a known fact that as compared to any other form of content, your video content has a greater chance of gaining traction and possibility of going viral. That is the reason why digital marketers are relying on video content more than ever. This type of marketing is known as Video Marketing. It enables you to showcase your marketing strategies just like you always do but just with video content.

Most of the companies either pay others to broadcast their content while some companies hire SEO specialists. SEO specialists work for creating buzz for your content which they can do without doing any paid promotion. The videos that reach your targeted audience without any paid efforts and with the use of SEO are called as organic videos. Organic Videos however do need some additional hacks in order to gain sustainable visibility. Here are 6 ways how you can make your video content pop off:

  1. Content is King

However obvious it may sound that good content will bring you quality traffic, it is very important to realize that keywords play an important role while crafting your video marketing strategy. The reason being, there must be a lot of videos present already that are alike to the ones that you’re going to produce. So you’ve got to be careful to design your content that stands out from the crowd.  It may so happen that the keywords that you’re using are not at par with the search trends. Search trend keeps changing but keep in mind to use keywords that are logical and easy to decipher. For example: There is a trend of DIY videos so DIY or Do It Yourself is more suitable than “How Can you…”

  1. Understanding the Internet

Video Marketing brings a lot of vulnerability with itself regarding its content. The Internet is such a place where everything keeps changing within a blink of an eye. So, the foremost rule while video marketing is to be aligned with the trend. When you understand the trend you will understand what content will bring you views and what won’t. For that you need to do your web search of what kind of videos are getting the maximum likes, views. This is will enable you to keep track of your video content well.

  1. Video Gaps

These are the most brutal yet important weapon when it comes to crafting your video strategy. This relates to nothing but the content gap. Now for example, If the keywords in your recent video content involves videos that relate to “how to” but if the most searched video content relates to “implement” then that would cause a video content gap for you. So, here the relevancy of the keywords used plays a very vital role. Backdating of videos are also known to cause Video gaps.

  1. Linking your Videos Together

Now this won’t or rather shouldn’t be a task for you. You are into a particular business and you know the ins and outs of your business. So, naturally you would produce videos that cater to your objectives as a business and that would resonate your message the best. However, when you create videos, try to stick to particular lay out and link them as if they are a part of a story that you are narrating. This makes the audience wanting for more.

  1. Embedding Links

You often come across the long texts on website that are usually for us to understand more about the product we’re looking for but majority of the time we don’t pay heed to it. But when the same is embedded in the form of a video in your content works like magic. Videos generate views and thus more engagement for you.

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