4 Best Practices to reduce CPC in Google Ads

4 Best Practices to reduce CPC in Google Ads

Cost-per-click is basically the price that you pay to Google or the other search engines when someone clicks on your ad. It measures the cost of a click on your ads. It is one of the foundational metric of the Google Ads campaigns and acts as a building block for the additional understanding of the campaigns.

Given below are 4 tips that you simply need to apply so as to reduce your cost-per-click in Ads (previously AdWords).

1. Add Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are those keywords that have low search volumes and a clearly recognizable search intent. The more generic a keyword is, the more individuals bid on that and therefore the higher is the bid.

On the opposite hand, long tail keywords are specific keywords that have low search volume which implies that they're not at risk of irrelevant search queries and therefore do not waste your ad spend. Long tail keywords tends to own a higher Quality Score and having a higher Quality Score is that the most effective way to lower the CPC.

2. Target the keywords that have low bids

While targeting the keywords, find out keywords that have relatively low bids as these keywords are bound to have lower CPC. Cost-per-click of the keywords additionally depend upon how competitive your industry is. Some keywords are extremely competitive and therefore have high CPC. Try to avoid using competitive keywords and once you are looking forward to lower your CPC. Also, switch your bidding from automatic to manual as a result of manual CPC bidding provides you more control over your CPC.

3. Use Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords also help in lowering the CPC. They prevent your ads from being triggered by unsuitable search queries that may lower your CTR.

A healthy CTR is very important because a lower one would lower your Quality Score. They let your ads show up to those people that are trying to find your ad and are interested in your product/service. Hence, by avoiding all the unsuitable search queries, negative keywords helps your CTR to increase that improves your Quality Score and lowers your cost per Click.

4. Create Tightly Themed Ad Groups

The more relevant your keywords, ads, and the landing pages are, the more will be your Quality Score which will additional reduce your cost-per-click. One of the foremost recommended practices to achieve a high quality Score and low cost-per-click is to create tightly themed Ad groups.

After separating the Ad group for every kind of your product/service, create relevant keywords and select the best possible landing page for each of your ad groups. Since, you have currently created tightly themed ad groups making your keywords, ads and landing pages highly relevant, Google will reward you with high quality Score thereby lowering your cost-per-click.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The 4 outlined points above are just a few tips on how to lower your CPC. There are different ways that of lowering CPC like conversion tracking, using as extensions, adjusting bids according to location, devices, day and times of the day.

Lowering your CPC is just a part of your overall goal of reducing ad spend however it's not the ultimate one. Therefore, you should try and improve other aspects of your campaigns so on make your AdWords campaigns more effective.

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