6 reasons why Quora should be on your SEO checklist

6 reasons why Quora should be on your SEO checklist



Off-page SEO is a practice of creating good pedigree backlinks to your website to increase its domain authority, bulk up the incoming traffic and to eventually rank higher on the search engine result pages. Quora fits the bill here. Quora is an open Question & Answer (Q&A) platform where anyone can ask a question and get answers.

Here is how you can use it to drive traffic to your web site and build your authority on topics. In today’s digital world, brands need to maintain a good profile on Quora as they are seen as ‘source of information’, which is less formal as compared to Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

  • SEO Benefits

Many a times, Google searches show Quora’s answers in the first page result. Quora is with time, growing and gaining more authority. Google grabs the information and displays the answer with a small link. Bing showcases the link and information.

So if you write a great answer and your answer gets upvoted, you are getting traffic to that post. If that post then has a link to your content, you will gain exposure. That helps in SEO by increasing your click-through-rate (CTR).

  • 2) Other Value than SEO

SEO is incredibly valuable, but also incredibly competitive. You cannot just rely on people finding your brand or business via a Google search. That is why marketers are using Quora to build their authority and expertise on a variety of subjects. Quora gives you access to number of visitors per month, and you can turn some of those users into loyal visitors and conversions too. Keep in mind- your customers are also on Quora. And they are may be asking questions about your products or services.

  • Suitable for Keyword Research

Everyone on the internet speaks about a topic in everyday language that is not filtered by search engines or algorithmic suggestions. Quora has proven to be a goldmine for keyword research. You can specify question and answers threads on Quora to extend your keyword research. You can use the URL of the thread and drop it into the tool you use for your research.

  • Goldmine for Content Development

Using Quora for SEO is helpful in a lot of ways. You can find the most relevant keywords you can also figure out how your entire content should look like with Quora. Search for the best answers on Quora for the content that you are targeting and the question that you are trying to answer with your content. Try to identify what are common sources, formats, and ways of explaining the answers in your content.

  • Effective for Link Building

Not investing in effective strategies for link building is one of the SEO tasks that could hamper the growth of your website. Apart from having interesting content, Quora has really good link building. You can take help of Quora to get more links to your content and create strategies to target.

6)  Visibility for Blogs

It helps to increase the visibility of your blogs. As Quora is a good pedigree website, its pages get indexed faster by search engines and get to the top of SERPs sooner. Imagine if the question you answered gets in #1 position in the SERPs for a high traffic keyword, that high traffic flowing through Quora to your blog from the link you posted.

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