6 simple steps why Facebook is good for Lead Generation

6 simple steps why Facebook is good for Lead Generation

It’s 2019 and more than 95% of the population accesses the internet from their mobile devices which means a lot of scrolling through feeds and yes, clicking on ads! Majority of the ad engagement happens via mobile devices, which brings us to Facebook lead ads.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead ads are mobile-friendly and in-budget ads that help in driving traffic and reach maximum people even when they’re accessing Facebook on their phones. It is a great way to encourage people to contact your business and create a valuable relationship by fulfilling their requests.

Facebook lead ads not only create leads but also help in creating a buyer persona which can be used for remarketing later. It is important to understand that a huge number of leads do not always mean high-quality traffic.

Following are the advantages of Facebook Lead ads:

  1. Facebook Ads is readily optimized for mobile
  2. Fewer drop-offs result in more conversions
  3. Reaching out to people that matter to business
  4. Easy form Customization
  5. Advantages go beyond just leads
  6. CRM Integration

By following these six simple steps, brands can be assured that they not only capture leads but also convert them into customers or clients.

  1. Provide a reason to fill the form

Before creating the ad, assess why customers will give their information. Brands need to give their prospective customers something they could want.

For example, offering free content is a trend nowadays. Newsletters, competition entries, early bird discounts, event registrations are a few things brands can offer to their customers to collate the information they desire.


  1. Analyze the information required

Brands should keep in mind that lead ads are very effective in getting information from the target audience. It is an important prerequisite to analyze and curate the information to be gathered.


  1. Customize the questions

Even though Facebook provides default questions, it is advisable to create a set of questions depending upon what the business goals are and what the lead ad is offering. Facebook allows users to add up to 15 questions, but for precise results, it is better to add just a few that are the most important.


  1. Target the right audience

Be it any ad format, it is important to target the right people. The safest way to gain conversions is to start with choosing an audience that is a lookalike of the lead audience. Uploading a customer database of leads to can help in better targeting of the custom audiences. Facebook's engagement targeting options also come in handy to reach the warm leads.


  1. Verify the information received

It is important to check the authenticity of the data provided by the customers. In order to do that, avoiding typos and adding a confirmation page facilitates people to verify their details before they submit their forms. This in turn will also help to update or modify the customer's information if need be.


  1. Customize your thank you page

Having a customized thank you page is an effective way to have people engaging with the business after they get done with submitting their form. It is advisable to create a headline that promotes the brand and what it stands for. A call-to-action (CTA) button would also be a great idea.

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