7 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Advertisement Conversions

7 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Advertisement Conversions


Facebook has a tremendous change in its News Feed algorithm earlier this year. This means that social media marketers need to up their advertisement gam. The same holds true for social media teams with small budgets who have likely seen their reach declining. 

One of the important metrics social marketers track on Facebook are the advertisement conversion rates. Typically, a conversion refers to the point at which a user converts from a browser to a buyer. Facebook ranks as the number one social site for driving advertise conversions, which makes creating Facebook advertisement most important. Following are 7 tips to improve your Facebook ad conversion.

  1. Define your conversion event: Before you try to convert any advertisement you should have a sense of what action you want people to take after seeing your advertisement. Types of conversions by Facebook include: view content, add to, initiate checkout, and purchase. You can create custom conversion events if you have other goals.
  2. Keep destination front of mind: An advertisement is only as good as its landing page. When you are determining where you like the conversion to, make sure you have everything in place to deliver on your advertisement promise. Once you have identified the page where you would like the conversion event to occur, you’ll need to add the Facebook Pixel code to the page in order to track the event.
  3. Create eye-catching visuals: It takes only 2 seconds for a user’s eye to choose where to land on a webpage or not. The use of attractive image increases the chances of their eyeball landing on your advertisement. First impressions are noticed by design, so treat visuals as you would treat a handshake.
  4. Optimize for conversions: By now you have got a lot checked off on your optimized conversion checklist. But do not forget to literally check off the conversions box on Facebook. You will find this option under the “Optimization for Delivery” section in the Budget and Schedule form.
  5. Consider link click optimization: If your advertisement isn’t driving enough conversions in the first few days, Facebook may not have enough data to properly deliver your ad. Facebook needs conversions per ad within the first seven days to effectively deliver the advertisement.
  6. Broaden your audience: When creating an advertisement, opt in to “targeting expansion,” and Facebook will find more users similar to those you have specified in the “interest target section.” Not only does this allow you to reach more people, it also helps you to drive more conversions at a lower cost per conversion.
  7. Convert your analytics into insights: As any social media campaign, it’s important to carefully monitor performance analytics and adjust accordingly. Keep a track of what had worked in the past and what didn’t work.




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