5 Tips to Improve your Facebook Ad Conversions

5 Tips to Improve your Facebook Ad Conversions

One of the significant metrics social marketers track on Facebook are conversion rates. Typically, a conversion means the point or destination at which a user converts from being a browser to a buyer. For many marketers, conversions are the highest priority. Conversions are not only about driving purchases but also about driving actions. Follow these 5 powerful tips to convert your next Facebook campaign into a success.

  1. Define your conversion event

Before you try to transform anyone, you should have a clear sense of what action you want people to take after seeing your ad. There are some types of conversions supported by Facebook like content views, add to wishlist, initiate checkout, and purchase. You can also generate custom conversion events if you have other specific goals in mind.

  1. Keep destination on forefront

An ad is only as best as its landing page. When you’re deciding where you’d like the conversion to happen, make sure you have everything in place to deliver on your ad’s promise. Here are a few steps to prepare your landing page.

  • Implement Pixel: Once you’ve identified the page where the conversion event to occur, you’ll need to add the Facebook Pixel code to the page in order to track the event.
  • Aim for Continuity: If your ad promises one thing, confirm that the landing page delivers. You don’t want to have a user searching for shoes land on a pants product page.
  1. Create eye-catching visuals

It takes only 2.6 seconds for a user’s eye to decide where to land on a webpage. The use of eye-catching imagery improves the chances of their eyeballs landing on your ad.

  • Don’t overload images with text: Actually, Facebook recommends you use text sparingly in images, if at all. Instead of crowding visuals with text, include moving a copy to the designated text area.
  • Use GIFs or videos: Opt for movement over static imagery to nab users’ observation.
  1. Include a direct call-to-action (CTA)

Since conversions are all about motivating actions, a strong call-to-action is important. Powerful verbs like start, discover, find, and explore are great if your conversion goal is to have users visit a product page or learn in depth about your company.

  1. Broaden your audience

When creating an ad, opt in to “targeting expansion,” and Facebook will find many users similar to those you have specified in the “interest targeting section.” Not only does this permit you to reach more people, but it also has the potential to drive more conversions at a lower cost per conversion. You can also create Custom Audiences. If you have data of an email subscriber list, you can upload it to Facebook to find pre-existing customers on Facebook.

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