How User Generated Content can leverage your Business

User Generated Content

Brands are nowadays incorporating user generated content in their advertising strategies. It is easy, fast and builds trust amongst your customers. UGC could be anything - from photos, videos, written product reviews, blog comments to customer centric social media posts. Research indicates that the buying decisions of most customers are heavily influenced more by user generated content than by brand-produced content.

Here are some ways user generated content can benefit your brand or business:

  • Enhances trust - People want to be associated with your brand.
  • Builds fan following and loyalty - Fans turn into loyalists when they see their content being showcased which can initiate purchase making decision.
  • Builds community - Likeminded people unite to become believers in your brand.
  • Expands your reach - Customers share UGC with their networks, which results in extended reach of your brand.
  • Saves time & money - Content creation and reach becomes easier when it is shared by your customers who become advocates of your brand.
  • Influx of traffic - Engaging customers on UGC can gather a lot of traffic to your website and social media platforms, which is of help for brand awareness.

 With that being said, here are some tried and tested, easy to replicate techniques of generating user generated content, which can be adapted by all business, no matter big or small.

  1. Generate Purchase Visuals

This can be done in two ways. One can be done when the customer is purchasing the product, wherein brands can capture the stories and emotions behind the purchase. The other can be done when the customer is done with the purchase and brands can encourage them to give a reviews or testimonials about their shopping experience.

  1. Gamify the Experience

Brands can use gamification as a tool to leverage user engagement and sales conversions. Encouraging users to participate in activities such as writing reviews, watching videos, sharing posts coupled with distribution of discount coupons, loyalty points or free gifts can help not only to generate sales, but will also help in building long-term relationships.

  1. Run Contests

This is the most effective way to grab attention and convert a prospect into a user. Social media contests, whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, are a favourite amongst both brands and customers. 

  1. Takeovers for Socials

This is recent on-going hit trend wherein brands invite social media influencers or brand ambassadors to curate and propagate their social content to users.

  1. Turn Customers in Stories

Brands can turn customers into stories by creating testimonial or inspiration videos from their experiences with the brand. This works very well particularly for restaurants, hotels, and fashion brands, amongst others.

Remember, social media is a powerful medium which can make or break your brand image. Before implementing a strategy, do make yourself aware of the pros and cons and maintain a transparent policy or framework with your customers for rich results.

Depending on your goals, some tactics may work better for your brand than others or vice versa. The only way to test your strategies is to experiment with as many as you can. The more you start to implement this thinking, the more you’ll bond with the customer following you’ve worked hard to build.

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