All you need to know about H1 tag in SEO

All you need to know about H1 tag in SEO



Each webpage or post can have multiple headings. There are six heading elements, H1 tag to H6 tag which describe the headings on the web pages. The H1 tag in website is nothing but a ‘Header Tag’ which is usually the title of the website page.  It is the specific piece of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) code in the text format. From SEO perspective, H1 tag is the most important tag as it determines the main topic of the web page. H1 tag should be the outline of the information available on the web page.

Difference between H1 tag and page title in SEO

The key difference between H1 tag and Title tag is where their content appears.

H1 tag is shown while browsing a web page whereas title tag shown in the SERP as a main heading of the snippet in the search result.

When a visitor lands on the web page, the H1 tag should provide good user experience and give an indication of the content within.

When it comes to SEO, title tag is a strong signal to crawlers to understand what the page content is all about.

The page title is more important than the H1 tag but you should optimized both for the best results.

Importance of H1 for SEO:      

One of the most complicated tasks for search engine crawlers is to understand the meaning of the web page to show the relevant result to the users. To understand what the web page content is all about, H1 tag plays an important role after the title of the page.

When the search engine crawler crawls the content of the web page, they read the HTML code and try to identify which sentences are enclosed in the heading tag. So by using your important business keywords, you can help the search engines to understand what the page is all about.

Best practices of H1 tag in SEO

  • The ideal length of the H1 tag is between 50 to 70 characters only.
  • H1 tag could be different or the same as the page title.
  • You can use more than one H1 tag but ideally you should use only one H1 tag as it gives a clear signal to crawlers.
  • Make sure the H1 tag is visible to users.
  • Your H1 tag should be styled differently than rest of the headings.
  • Use most important keywords in H1 tag.


SEO is a continuous process and it should not stop after the H1 tag optimization. There are lot of other factors which are also important for your website to perform better.  

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