Facebook Pixel: What it is & How to use it

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is an analytical tool powered by Facebook itself that helps in retargeting, campaign optimization and tracking under one roof. It is run by a code or script that you need to place on your website, which will allow you to compute the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and understand the behaviour of visitors.

In simple words, it helps you quantify the following:

  • Analyze the behaviour & interaction of your users with your website & Facebook ads.
  • Helps in tracking leads, leading to final conversions.
  • Helps to remarket or retarget your ads to old users who have already taken some actions on your website, using the collected data.

How to use the Facebook Pixel

Tracking can be used to collect data on two kinds of events- a set of standard events predefined by Facebook or custom conversions that you can set up as per your specific goals. Here, the term “events” simply refers to actions that visitors take on your website.


How to set up Facebook Pixel

  1. Create Pixel- In your Facebook Ads Manager, click “Create a Pixel” and set a name that represents your business. However do keep in mind that you can add only one pixel per ad account. So choose the name according to your business rather than a campaign name or ad set.
  2. Add Pixel code to website- Install the pixel code to your webpages to get it working and start gathering information on your website. The code starts to collect data promptly once placed.
  3. Troubleshoot- After addition of Pixel to your website, confirm that it’s working properly. Be aware that the code will work only if it is placed rightly in the coding. Improper placement will not give you the desired results.

Facebook Pixel is an extremely useful tool that will help you develop a strategy that meets your business objectives and help you understand how to properly engage with existing customers and gain new ones. If you are using Facebook Ads Manager, or plan to use one in the future, remember to use this key tool to get the most out of your social ad budget.

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