5 simple Google Ads mistakes you can easily avoid

5 simple Google Ads mistakes you can easily avoid

Google Ads is one of the best tools you can use to create leads, propel sales and grow your business. However, most business owners end up wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each month as a result of insufficient account management. A poorly configured ad campaign could simply be shown to the wrong target audience or easily get buried under the competition. Here are five common mistakes business owner make when setting up their campaigns, and tips on how to avoid them.

1. Using ad groups for multiple keywords

Creating ad groups which contain up to 20 loosely related keywords is one of the biggest common mistakes Google Ads users tend to make. It creates writing adverts which are relevant to all those keywords rather difficult and often results in a mismatch between what people are literally searching for and what the add suggests. The best action is to add one keyword per ad group, which permits you to make your ads more specific, and in turn, more relevant.

2. Forgetting to link the account with a CRM tool

Finding out which keywords are creating leads is easy, but if you wish to know which one is generating actual sales, then you might need to consider linking your account with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. This permits you to see the exact number of sales each keyword has generated, as well as to isolate and promote the keywords which have the best performance.

3. Not bidding on your branded keywords

Ever since Google Ads was first introduced, marketers have disputed whether bidding on your own branded keywords is actually worth it or not. Branded keywords represent the search queries which include your brand or business name. Not only is bidding on your own branded keywords a great way to increase the profit margins, but it also ensures that your website always rises above the competition in the search engine results page.

4. Not incorporating third-party data

Although there are more useful features that come with Google Ads, there’s one feature in particular which marketers seem to forget, or simply avoid using. And that is to use different APIs and scripts to interact with third-party data such as weather and operator availability in order to automatically modify your bidding efforts. The best part is that these APIs and scripts can be setup to do this job automatically, depending on the 3rd party data they gather.

5. Failing to properly test the landing pages

Remarketing is an advertising practice used to reach visitors who have already visited your website, but still haven’t been converted into customers. Most of the marketers today insist on using a remarketing campaign, however, only a few of them put in the effort to correctly optimize and actually relocate the ad in order to make it more effective. You can use Google to produce a report detailing exactly where the adverts are shown and which locations are the most effective.

These are a handful of the common mistakes Google Ads users tend to make during their marketing campaigns, make sure to avoid them.


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