Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Messenger & Googles’ LATEST VIDEO UPDATE!

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Messenger & Googles’ LATEST VIDEO UPDATE!

  1. Facebook’s New Community Video Platform
    Facebook’s launch of various features in video platform is more interactive and engaging. Facebook’s live videos sessions and interactive polling for live videos is glamming the attention. The option of rolling out top videos from pages to ‘top fans’. There’s an on-going experiment going on for testing the new video template that will focus on putting video and community on top of creator’s page.
    Along with the other Facebook tools, they also shared three monetization products i.e. Brands Collab Manager, which will help creators to establish partnerships with more creators.
  2. Instagram IGTV

A new app designed for watching long term videos of your favourite Instagram creators is blooming all over Instagram with the aim to create more engagement and visibility of the brand. The duration of the video can be one hour long and can be viewed from within the app itself. IGTV will surely be booming out in the digital market in the next few years on IOS and Android.

  1. YouTube New Creative Suite

YouTube revealed a Collection of resources to enable advertisers to tell incredible stories on YouTube, test imaginative varieties, and measure creative effect. Primary focus will be on enhancing experiences for brands with the new Video Experiment, Video Creative Analytics, YouTube Director Mix and Video Ad Sequencing. YouTube is right now working with select brands and agencies to test these new techniques and will bit by bit roll them out soon.

  1. Auto-Play Video Ads in Messenger

Facebook will gradually roll out auto play video ads inside its Messenger. Facebook has confidence that these video ads will roll out “thoughtfully and slowly” and Messenger users will remain in control of their experience.

  1. Google’s Dedicated App for Podcasts

Google released Google Podcasts app for Android devices. Google Podcast will grant access to a vast to other Google products like Assistant, Home Speakers, and Search. The ability to see what’s coming next in the episode you’re listening to, and proactive suggestions for material related to an episode in case you want to dive deeper into the subject.

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