Google's Q&A on Maps- 5 Things you need to know about this Feature

Google's Q&A on Maps- 5 Things you need to know about this Feature

Noticed the new 'Questions & Answers' section in Google Maps listings? Google continues to invest in improving the search experience of users. Their algorithm updates focus on achieving a better quality of search results for queries with local intents. With the Q&A feature, consumers and brands can indulge in meaningful communications to a whole new level, exchanging requests, advice, and help so effortlessly. It will bridge the gap between brands and their users both locally and globally.

Here are 5 simple yet powerful facts about Google’s Q&A feature that is sure to help boost your local business.

  1. Availability on Cross-Platforms- This feature was preliminarily available on Android systems. Google further extended it to other major operating platforms for both desktop & app versions. Ask questions have become mobile across various platforms at any given point in time.
  2. Improved Brand Visibility- Nowadays, people Google questions more than keywords. The shift from keywords to questions has impacted search queries drastically. Questions asked on your listing are reflected in the primary page search results, leading to increased brand visibility. This also helps in customer engagement.
  3. The advantage of Q&A wave- In the recent years, forum discussions, discussion panels, Yahoo answers has taken a front seat in the digital world. People are quick to respond and engage others in discussions and debates on various forum sites. Gone are the days of monotonous postings and waiting for brands to respond according to their own sweet time. Today, anybody with a mobile, access to the internet and an account on discussion platforms can answer questions asked for brands. People are hungry to seek answers to their asked questions
  4. Boost for Backlinks- Posting content on high DA & PA sites will always showcase your website in better page results. In this case, Google’s Q&A has an added advantage of being Google’s product. A pro-tip to enhance backlinks to your website or landing page is to anchor (hyperlink) the text written in your answers. Not only will this lead to backlinks, but it will also regard your answer as important and genuine.
  5. Website Traffic- A small downside of Google’s Q&A feature is that it can potentially reduce traffic to your website. If users get all the necessary information from Google, they don’t need to click through to your site. However, this can be controlled if the information is in favour of need-based requirement. Information can be controlled to be topic-specific or domain-specific which will lead to customers’ queries getting resolved on the Q&A platform itself.

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