10 Off-Page Techniques to Elevate Website Position

10 Off-Page Techniques to Elevate Website Position

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the primary and crucial techniques used for driving and improving considerable traffic to your website, by obtaining a high-rank placement, preferably the 1st position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. It comprises of 2 factors- On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO simply means helping your website becomes popular and rank in the first 10 results of the search page. Popular websites straightforwardly have a higher chance of increased visibility in search engines. This technique is very similar to networking in the real world. Businesses need to have deep links spread across various third-party websites so that these sites link traffic back to their website. High DA/PA website identification is very important for strong and unadulterated traffic to visit your website, both in the short and long run.

Following are the top 10 techniques which will help your business attain a better position in search results:

  • Business Listings- Local business listing websites are very useful and effective if you are a brand promoting local business. Local listings help engines to view your website and fetch the content according to the given search query. This will help you to reach to your targeted audience.
  • Directory Submissions- Submit your website to general directories, but for maximum effect, you are better off submitting to niche directories. The results are delayed, but it is of great value in the long run.
  • Social Bookmarking- These sites are one of the best platforms to promote your website. You gain high traffic to any desired page when you bookmark your website, webpage or blog post on popular social bookmarking websites. Majority of businesses focus heavily on large number submissions on social bookmarking sites, second to Business listings.
  • Forum Submission- One of the best ways to engage and involve your audience in your brand is to participate in discussion forums and Q&A sessions. Replying to threads, answers, responding to feedbacks, giving suggestions are some ways to reach out to your customer community. Give a link to your website which will help in bringing you more visibility.
  • Article Submission- Submit your articles in a high PR article submission directory along with your website. Quality and relevant content, adequate keyword density can fuel your submission rate and position on the search engine result page, after it is approved by the article site.
  • PR Submission- PR submissions come handy when you want to make an announcement of a new product or service. This helps in creating awareness about a new product launch, upgrades in services, etc., to the desired target audience.
  • Image & Video Submission- Making your brand videos popular is very important in today’s mobile world. Give a proper title, description, tags and website link to the videos for effective and speedy backlinks. Also share your creatives, infographics, posters, photos on popular image submission websites by optimizing their titles, descriptions, tags and linking the correct website URL.
  • Document Sharing- Submitting relevant company documents on document sharing sites gives credibility and creates awareness for brands. A presentation talking about your company, achievements of your company, product and services offered, etc. are some examples of documents.
  • Blog Commenting- Another effective way to derive traffic to your website is by commenting on other blog posts. Posting relevant and related comments on blogs related or similar to your business can help search engines point links towards your site.  Look out for “Do-Follow” blogs.
  • Classified Submission- This is one of the most influential ways to let the world know about your business and service. It is the process of posting your ad on various classified sites in order to promote your business brand, services and products free of cost.

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