4 Unconventional Ways to Reclaim Lost Facebook Reach

4 Unconventional Ways to Reclaim Lost Facebook Reach

Facebook has been a sensational topic of social and political juries for few days. More than 2 billion people use Facebook monthly but reaching those users massively without paying feels next to impossible. Organic reach seems to get more low on the bench, besides that social engagements have decreased by 50 % in last three years.

Here’s how to use four unconventional ways to reclaim lost organic reach:
       1. Create a static video series & live webinar.
           Nowadays, the most engaging and trending content is video based Facebook. Just pasting your YouTube links is not going to help in engagement.             Static Video content i.e. Facebook live videos creates engagement and generates more interactions.

  • Pulling in thousands of views on your content.
  • Facebook thrives on video content.
  • Live series helps in driving active communities.
  1. Post Less and Direct Content
    Posting your blogs frequently and spamming links on every social media sites is not going to help anymore. Instead posting dramatically in less frequency and on quality level is going to generate huge traffic. The main benefit of posting less focusses less on high quality content and thus helps in brand awareness. The secret is to post way less and make those posts befit the best for Facebook content.

  2. Engagement with Target Audience builds Loyal Community
    Meaningful social interactions are important to Facebook success. The combination of duo reach and interactions is the key. According to hootsuite, post will get more engagement if there is constant engagement to likes, comments and replies to comments. Building a loyal community is much important for your brand and thus striking conversation with them is equally beneficial.

  3. Optimize Your Organic Target Audience
    Facebook focusses on engaging with high quality content and it comes right audience. Sharing few important topics isn’t going to help boost your engagements.
    Let us help you with few handy tool that will help your audience targeting on every post:
  • On brand page click the global icon before publishing, 
  • Select demographics, limit your target audience by selecting the appropriate age, gender, location and languages.
  • And furthermore, you can limit the target audience from ‘News Feed Targeting’

Start using live webinars and video series on Facebook. Post often less build an engaging audience and lastly don’t send a post without optimizing your target audience. Reclaim your organic reach now.

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