How to Fix a Broken Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Fix a Broken Digital Marketing Strategy

Regardless of whether you are a Corporate, Working Professional or Small Business in the Digital Marketing Industry; there comes a time where u have to fix something in your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Here are the key elements of Digital Marketing Strategy and tips on fixing it

#1- Understanding Target Audience

When you are trying to settle/fix a broken Digital Marketing Strategy, you have to return back to the start, and truly understand your intended Target Group.

As Technology progresses, and the necessities of the customer’s advances, your understanding of your Target audience may become blurred and this will require some fine-tuning.

Reconnect with your audience and discover what their greatest pain point is and furthermore understand the manners by which they are connecting with you as a business.

#2 Defining Business Goals (Again)

How often have you sat down as an Entrepreneur, or Marketing Professional and Defined a business and its USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? You will need to do this once more. If the way by which you are connecting with your Target market is developing, you have to keep them engaged and offer a consistent message online and that means defining your business.

There might be a distinction between what your client thinks your business does, and what it really achieves. Your potential customer needs their pain solved, and you should define your business to accomplish that objective.

#3 Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become a great medium nowadays to Interact directly with your existing customers and attract potential customers. Social Media is just more than content/information and it plays a huge role in your Social Media Strategy. Rather than just promoting your products, try understanding your customers’ needs. Be more interactive and engage with your audience as much as you can to build brand loyalty.

Rather than just posting content, try posting riddles, offers, polls, etc. and get better understanding of your target audience.

#4 Email Marketing

Email Marketing might be considered as old way of Marketing but it plays huge part in a Digital Marketing Strategy. Personalisation is the key in Email Marketing. Just sending out Email blasts to your database taking about organisation, products, services, etc. will not work.

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful tool but businesses do not understand the power of personalise mails and without Personalisation, you could miss out on lot of engagements from existing as well as potential customers.

#5 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is all about making your online presence visible to potential customers who are most likely need your products or services. Understanding of your business, Product/Service and target audience is a base for successful SEO Strategy. The way to go about successful SEO Strategy is think from customer perspective and thinking how they will search for a product/service.

#6 Customer Retention Policies

Customer Retention Policy is all about Relationship Marketing. It focuses on customer retention, satisfying and valuing your customers. The main purpose is to engage with your existing customer rather than completely focussing on acquiring new customers.

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