5 Reasons Why Google Authorship Is Important

5 Reasons Why Google Authorship Is Important


Google’s Authorship markup has been in trend since 2011 but as compared to other social media platforms Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter the level of engagement on Google. Experts have formulated lately that Google Authorship will rigorously become the vital part of SEO.

Google Authorship has become much easier to use and it’s getting clearer to gain attention in the eyes of the readers as a content creator in the world’s leading search engine will only matter in the future.


Here 5 Ways it will benefit your brand:

  1. Creating Trust

 Including images of real people has a powerful impact on the behaviour of human and help to improve impressions of your brand. Search Engine Page Result’s (SERP’s) will help in creating first impressions of your brand even if the audience clicks through your website.


  1. Improves SEO

 SEO is constantly changing and with this change, one can bet that Authorship will affect the ranking of your website’s SEO and its ranking in search results. According to the experts, information within search results tied to verified profiles will rise higher in ranking as compared to one with no verification, which will result in users clicking on the top search result (verified).


  1. Sends You More Traffic

  As per Case Studies, Google Authorship will help you increase 150% of traffic rate to your website. There are several ways which can change your algorithm of traffic and exposure to a client. Google + ids have additional benefits when they are linked to your content searched by users and content appears higher in search results for people who have added you to their circles.

  1. Establishes Positive Personal Branding

 Google Authorship can lend an air of exposure that simple page result can’t. Creating high-quality content and seeing your presence on this network will help in engaging more business. Google authorship mean more than photos and anyone searching for your brand definitely means business.


  1. High Click through Rates

Authorship appears very similar to rich snippets, a digital term which appears anything else than author, title, description which includes images, videos Google + id’s and ratings. Google authorship will make a huge difference if you’re struggling to get more traffic to your website.




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