Measure the ROI of Digital Marketing

                                             Measure the ROI of Digital Marketing
Measuring ROI (return on investment) is an important part of digital advertising and it’s the most effective tool to know whether the invested money is earned and worth from your marketing campaigns. The most effective ways to track metrics which directly affects the revenue and profit. Big scale measurements like website visitors, brand impressions, downloads which will help you tell more story.

Following are the measures to follow on three famous digital advertisements- mobile video ads, programmatic advertising and native advertising.         

  1. Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile video advertising can be more effective than regular video advertising. As mobile is much intimate medium and has fewer distractions. Mobile video advertising provides more information which drives more traffic to your website

Measuring the ROI of Mobile Video Ads

Brand Awareness: By calculating the number of direct traffic numbers of viewers who happened to visit your brand by name, hashtag, number of clicks and social media sharing.
Purchase Influence: Compare the traffic generated by your campaign with the sales numbers, before and after the campaign.
Accessibility: Ensuring all your pages are running active and are easily accessible to the target audience.

  1. Native Advertising

Native Advertising also is known as ‘advertorial’ which provides useful information to the readers. It matches the form and function of the type of the platform on which it appears.

Measuring the ROI of native advertising
Customer Acquisition: It should be calculated by dividing the total number of clicks by a number of people shown their engagement. The number should always be higher in connection with the native advertising.
Reputation: Have a look at the number of people turning to the website should increase with the increase in their comments and queries you receive in connection to the ad as well as their traffic.

  1. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is a software specially targeted in advertising which is often displayed as sidebar ads or banners that changes whenever you refresh.

Recognition and reputation: Keeping track of your brand name are important as your recognition should increase as long as you’re programmatic advertising is running.
Website traffic numbers: It’s necessary to see an increase in the website traffic increase as the audience may reach your website by directly typing the URL as well as by following your ad.

Make sure your ROI measuring is beyond the revenue impact so that your whole team succeeds in improving sales and desired engagement.

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