CMS v/s Hard Coded Website: Which is best for Business?

CMS v/s Hardcoded Website: Which is best for Business

When it comes to a website, practically there are two major options to go about- Content Management Systems and Hard-Coded.

What is a CMS website?

A CMS website allows users to log in to a backend. This makes it easier for a non-technical user to make minor edits to the content of their website. A user doesn’t have to manually do coding for the changes required to the website. Some examples of CMS are:

  • WordPress
  • Magneto
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

What is a Hard-Coded website?

On the other hand, a hardcoded website does not use a CMS to manage the content of the website. Instead, the website is edited using specialized tools for website programmers to make changes to all aspects of the website. A user needs to manually input codes to make the necessary changes in the website as required.

Which Website is best for Business?

Before deciding which website structure would be best, brands need to analyse important aspects and need of their business before jumping to the final decision.  Following are some principal areas that need attention:

  • Size of Website- CMS uses template files that are created to handle content input from the backend. If the website size is small to medium (1-6 pages), CMS is a viable option. If a brand requires a comprehensive website, then it should go for hard-coded, since it can design its own templates from scratch according to the customization required by the brand. A brand specializing in a handful of product and services should opt for a CMS website. Conclusively, it all depends on the size of the business and its offerings.
  • Budget of Brands- Decision of website preparation is majorly dependent on the budget of the client. If a brand is willing to shell out a large chunk of his budget on website making, then a hard-coded website is recommended, since it will not only gives customised results, but also
  • Frequency of Changes- Some websites require s frequent change in their content. It can range from changes every month to changes every day according to the needs of the business. A CMS website is recommended if editing frequency is high. Businesses like e-commerce, restaurants, real estate, edit their content regularly.

Ultimately, the choice is up to the brand (site owner). A brand should do a thorough homework before selecting a hand coded website, which is better in the long run and/or a CMS website with a larger support structure and a faster setup!

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