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What it takes to become a PPC Manager?

Is your business online yet or not? This is first question everyone asks if you are a business owner. In this era of internet, everyone is going online now. All the businesses are trying to advertise their products or services online so that the sales can be increased and PPC (pay per click) could be very helpful in this.

How to Use LinkedIn Video to Boost Your Performance

linkedin videos to boost your performance

In todays’ digital market place, particularly in case you're a business mentor or advisor, the quickest, simplest and best approach to win new business is by getting your face, voice and identity before potential prospects.

The optimal way of doing this online video, because it directly inaugurate the trust factors that are a basic segment of any busine

3 techniques to improve your blog’s search rankings

Increase Blog Traffic

Online visibility is essential for today’s business or web page. The best way to get traffic on your page is Google, many of the survey states that 95% of the visitors click on the first link that appears on Google’s search engine. If you have any business and are trying to gain maximum traffic, then your blogging strate

4 Emerging Recent Trends in Digital Marketing for 2017


Today the world of Digital Marketing is constantly evolving and upgrading. With the concept of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence emerging in today’s era of technology this field is witnessing some great trends in the field of Digital Marketing which are mentioned below:

1.Emergence of new form of Marketing (In store Marketing)

3 Approaches to produce leads utilizing YouTube.

Need to produce more leads and conversions with YouTube?

Searching for natural strategies to help support the execution of your current video content?

In this article, you'll find three powerful approaches to transform YouTube watchers into leads.

1: Drive Website Traffic With YouTube Cards

YouTube car


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