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5 YouTube SEO tactics to drive traffic to Videos

5 YouTube SEO tactics to drive traffic to Videos


People are jamming their videos on YouTube and you cannot imagine the number of uploaded videos to the website per minute. We expect that most of the videos we upload ‘goes viral’ and many people dive in to like, dislike, share, views and

How User Generated Content can leverage your Business

User Generated Content

Brands are nowadays incorporating user generated content in their advertising strategies. It is easy, fast and builds trust amongst your customers. UGC could be anything - from photos, videos, written product reviews, blog comments to customer centric social media posts. Research indicates that the buying

All you need to know about H1 tag in SEO

All you need to know about H1 tag in SEO



Each webpage or post can have multiple headings. There are six heading elements, H1 tag to H6 tag which describe the headings on the web pages. The H1 tag in website is nothing but a ‘Header Tag’ which is usually the title of the website page.  It is the specific piece of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) code in the text format. From Read More...

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