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All you need to know about Google’s New Mobile Index

The majority of searches on Google is done on mobile devices. With more and more searches on mobile, Google has started using the mobile version as their primary search engine index. Recently, Google has changed its focus to mobile users, who have already outpaced desktop users around the world. Instead of merely factoring in a site’s mobile responsiveness in its overall page ranking, Google has announced that it will create a mobile first index specifically for these users. A

Secrets to making your blog bounce-resistant!

We keep talking about increasing traffic to our website; work damn hard to get people to our blog, try to express our thoughts and ideas clearly. Put our time and soul into it. But what’s the use of it if the visitors are not engaged and bounce away from the blog.

It’s very discouraging if after all the efforts the visitors are not staying on the blog. It mean

How Local SEO Works and Why it Matters for Your Business

So you’re looking for an accountant or a solicitor (or any other service) in your area? What’s the first thing you do? If you’re anything like me (and millions of other people) you’ll open your favourite web browser and head straight to Google and search for something like “Solicitor in Stoke on Trent”. You’ll then be shown a results page similar to the one below:


The future of digital marketing in India

India is emerging as a digital outsourcing hub for diverse services including online advertising, social media, and website design.

At present, it is being found that the internet has completely changed the way in which people used to purchase required items and products and even the way different companies sell their services and products. Starting from computers to mobile phones,


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Why Digital Marketing is the Next Logical Step After Website Creation

After creating a website, digital marketing is considered as the next logical step. This is because only creating a website cannot bring you the traffic on it. It needs to be optimized for a better market perf

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